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Islam and Its Learning

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Prayer (Sala(t) of Muhammed (s.a.w)

Muhammed (sal) said: “Pray as you have seen me pray”.- Books-Bukhari, Ahmed, Transmitted by Malik ibn Huvairish.(r.a)There is no separate laws governing prayer between a man or women, both have to pray as Rasool (sal) has shown us. The only difference is a woman cannot lead men in prayer, and the last rows of the prayer congregation are the best for women, as the first row is the best for men. And women should not pray in front of men, and similarly men should not pray behind women.

Always say Bismillah when you begin ablutions (wudu) and after wudu make your intentions for prayer;1. When Rasool (sal) stood for prayer he recited thakbir (Allahu Akbar) andraised his hands up to his ears.Book – Muslim ; transmitted by Malik ibn Huvairish (r.a)You can even raise your hands up to your shoulders level, this hadees is by Ibn Umar (r.a), book – Muslim.

2. Rasool (sal) placed his right hand over his left hand and placed it on his chest.Book- Nisayee, transmitted by Vayil bin Hujr (r.a)There is a hadees in Muslim that the hands were placed between the chest and naval, which is also saheeh; but the hadees about placing the hands below the naval are innovated And false so they are unacceptable.After reciting sura fathiha, and Quranic verses, you make your ruku (bowing posture)

3. Before going to Ruku Rasool (sal) recited the Thakbir, and raised both his hands up to his ears or upto his shoulders, and then went to ruku.Transmitted by – Ibnu Umar (r.a.); Book – Bukhari.In ruku Rasool (sal) held his knees with both his hands, and the hands were kept straight, and his head and back were also in a straight line. By Abu Humaidh (r.a) Books – Tirmithi, Abu Dawood

4. After reciting tasbeeh, Rasool (sal) would say sami Allahu le man hamidha and would get up and once again raise both his hands upto his ears, Or shoulder, as in the beginning of the prayer.By – Ibnu Umar (r.a); Book – Bukhari.And would recite Rabbana va lakal hamd, millas samavathi, va milla arali, va ma baina huma, va milla ma shigta min shai in bagathu. Book – Muslim

5. ……then Rasool (sal) used to recite Thakbir and make his sajdha, Book-Bukhari; By-Abu Huraira (r.a)In sajdha he used to recite tasbeeh, and then would get up and sit for sometime, Most important factor to note here is, Rasool (sal) when he stood up from Ruku, he used to stand for the same amount of time as he spent in Ruku, before going to sajdha, and similarly when he got up from sajdha, he would sit for the same amount of time he spent in sajdha before he made the next sajdha. And also stated :

The worst of thieves is one who robs in prayer, and when the Sahabas asked, oh! Messenger of Allah how can one rob in prayer; he replied: they are those who do not perform their Ruku, and Sajdha properly, they are the worst of thieves.Books: Ahmed,Hakim,Thafrani; By: Abu Kathadha.(r.a)When Rasool (sal) got up and sat down from the first sajdha, he would recite: Allahum magfirli, varhamni,vahdini,va aafinee, varzuknee, vajburnee. – and then would perform his next sajdha.Book: Abu Dawood; - By Ibnu Abbas (r.a)when Rasool (sal) finished his second sajdha, he would not get up without sitting for sometime (as you sit on a hot rock) i.e he would sit for a short time before he got up for the next Rakah.Books: Bukhari, Nisayee, Abu Dawood, Ahmed, Thirmithi, Narrated by : Malik ibnu Huwairish (r.a).

When Rasool (sal) got up for the next Rakkah, after finishing both sajdhas he would sit for a short while and then he would lean with both his hands on the floor and then he would get up.Narrated by: Ayyub (r.a) - book : Bukhari

7. Similarly he would perform the second Rakka, and after both the sajdhas he would sit to recite “attha heiyathu” Tashad dua. And while in this dua he would keep both his hands on the thighs touching the knee. And he would keep his right hand fore finger stretched and lifted from beginning to end of his sitting. And with his right hand middle finger and Thumb he would make a ring, and the last two fingers he would keep it on his thigh stretched.Narrated by: Abdulla Ibn Zubair (r.a) books: Muslim, Ahmed,nisayee.b) There is also another hadees, that he shook his fore finger as if beckoning someone. Narrated by- Vail ibn Hujr (r.a). Book- Ahmed, Nisayee.c) There is also another hadees that he kept all his fingers folded and his forefinger stretched from beginning to end of the sitting.Narrated by- Ibn Umar (r.a). Books:- muslim,Ahmed,Nisayee.All these three hadees are shaheeh and one could follow any one of these hadees. But there is no hadees what so ever, that Rasool (sal) raised his fore finger in Tashad, while reciting “ashadu anla e laha illallah”.
When Rasool (sal) sat for Tashad, he would fold the foot of his left leg and sit on it, and he would keep his right leg foot erect with the toes pointing to the Kiblah.Narrated by – Abu Humaidh (r.a); Book – Bukhari.

9. When Rasool (sal) stood to continue the prayer after Tashad, he would once again raise his hands to the level of his ears, or to shoulder level and then would place his hands on his chest as before.Narrated by – Ibn Umar (r.a); Books – Bukhari, Nisayee, Abu Dawood.And so Rasool (sal) would continue and finish his prayer with Taslim (Salaam)